We use all filaments destined to Ultimaker 2+ printer, such as ABS, Nylon and PLA. However, the one we use most of the time is a PLA filament, which is made from cornmeal and is completely biodegradable. We also use filaments which are obtained on the basis of PLA filaments. One of them has increased heat resistance and is free from styrene and BPA. Another one is straightened by carbon fibres!

The advantage of PLA over ABS is the possibility to achieve almost ideal printout surface while applying PLA. It is perfectly fitted to create prototypes, industrial forms, architectonic models, decorations, jewellery and artistic objects.

Apart from common filaments we use other materials such as woodfill – imitating wood (by the way it looks, feels and smells), bronzefill – imitating bronze, or glowfill – glowing in the dark. There is also a number of other special filaments like brassfill, copperfill, corkfill or bamboofill, which can be used in our work as well. Special filaments consist of PLA and a trace of the material they imitate. They are completely biodegradable.