3D Printing

We work on Ultimaker 2+ printer, which is one of the top FDM printers in the world. FDM is a printing technology, which works on laying down materials molten beforehand in a nozzle in layers. The smallest possible layer height is 0,02 mm, whereas most of the companies on the market offer the minimum layer height above 0.1 mm! Therefore, Ultimaker 2+ printer is characterized by high accuracy of printouts. Details on finished products are precise and well visible.

It should be pointed out that during practice tests in different printing resolutions, we came to a conclusion that optimal quality can be achieved with a minimum layer height of 0,07 mm. The resolution applied also depends on what kind of material is used. For example with some “special” filaments the producer recommends printing in 0,2 mm resolution.

In the course of our work we have tested other printers, however Ultimaker 2+ meets our expectations in terms of high quality of its printouts. It is widely used both in small companies and in big corporations, as well as by artists.

Since every single product is made separately, any changes and modifications are possible. Each product can be personalized and tailored according to the client’s needs. This feature differentiates the production by means of 3D printer from bulk production, e.g. applying the injection molding method, where all the products must be identical.

The size of a printed subject is limited only by the imagination of our clients. We print small objects as a whole and we divide bigger ones into pieces and then put them together, making sure the parts are rightly connected

There is a possibility to obtain a 3D printout on the basis of a model delivered by a client.



working area: 230 x 225 x 205 mm

minimum layer height: 0,02 mm !!

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